Coach: Ian Comben

Ian Comben and Craig walker would seem to be the most successful League coaching Team at the club in 20 years, in 2019 the football duo secured the ultimate football success coaching the wining PREMIERSHIP TEAM for the first time at Rover’s in 19 years.

Comben also known as “Chief” has a part time job as a fire Chief with DFES and a full time coaching job with the RFC. Ian has head coached 10 Consecutive senior Grand finals from that has 6 Premierships to his name. Comben is into his 3rd year as head coach of the Rover Football Club, Previously Coaching at Mingenew Before making the surprise move sons in toe to assist Erin McCartney at Rovers in 2017.

Ian has now won back 2 back premierships for he club 2019 and 2020 making it 11 consecutive and 7 premierships, 4th year with the club

Craig Walker: Assistant Coach

Walker, a livestock agent, seems to be good with large groups that don’t listen. As a 17 year old Walker was invited to play with East Perth by Trevor Nisbett and has come along way since then. Along with assistant for the Rover footy Club Walker has ventured off as Head Coach of the WA State Country Team, has had various roles in the State Development football Squads, Various roles at East Fremantle including Midwest Regional manager and Head Development Coach. Walker has a passion for Children in Football and will always be seen passing on his knowledge to the kids at the club. His claim to fame is between him and his uncle they have won 3 Sandover medals.